A Little About Me


You will only love other people to the level you know you are loved by the father.


“And I will call her who was unloved, ‘My Beloved.”

-Romans 9:25

I craved a love that could not possibly be curated from human efforts.Most of my life I spent toiling and searching for this love, for this place within me to be satiated that only ever seemed to be starving. Through the pain of seeking an identity in every other thing (body image, men, social media, friends, etc) I finally came to the crossroads of it all. At my very worst, my eyes were unveiled to a Father who encapsulated all I had ever been looking for : Love.


Things we might just have in common :

  • Jesus Lover

  • Enneagram type 2w4

  • A lowkey (but really high key) love.. or obsession.. for peanut butter and dark chocolate

  • Absolutely family and friend oriented

  • A hunk of a boyfriend ( ohhh maaannn does Sam have my heart )

  • Adventurous spirit - let’s travel the world, right?

  • Absolutely fascinated with holistic lifestyle approaches

  • Deep love and passion for fitness and health

  • I loooooveeee to sit in artsy coffee shops and talk for hours or read a good book


“..she genuinely cares about her clients and has a passion for photography. We could not think of a more perfect person to capture our engagement and wedding photos!”


“.. Linden enters into your story, cares for your inner person, and treats you not as a means to her business end, but as a beautiful soul she desires to serve richly to the best of her incredible abilities.”

honesty hour

I believe it is important to hear the words of others to truly get an
understanding for the experience you are looking to embark on.

Hear what they’re saying..